These 4 videos show you how to use eLearning to tackle Unconscious Bias

These 2 courses from Engage in Learning are designed to help Managers as well as Customer Service staff recognise their own biases and tackle bias within their own organisations.

  • Unconscious Bias for Managers addresses the way implicit bias can affect issues like recruitment, performance management, promotion and team dynamics.
  • Unconscious Bias focuses on the impact on customer service interactions with particular focus on the micro-behaviours that aren’t necessarily under our conscious control.

Both courses use though-provoking and challenging activities to highlight the impact of bias; a range of video scenarios to bring the material to life and help learners relate it to their own workplace; and clear explanations and practical techniques to help learners identify, challenge and counteract their own biases.


We carefully chose to look at behaviours you can measure – like following bias free recruitment and promotion procedures. As well as behaviours you can’t, like maintaining the same levels of eye contact and personalised service with every customer


We varied the types of interactivity we used and harnessed them to keep people engaged and get them thinking and challenging themselves. The great thing about eLearning is that this challenge can happen in a safe space – which can help people be more honest with themselves.

Rich media

We made it relatable with a video narrator who talks rather than teaches. We used scenarios familiar to everyone to recreate a variety of situations showing bias in action, its impact and how to counteract i

Editable for your own culture

As with all of our courses, our in-course editor makes it easy to add your own links, processes, guidelines and branding, tailoring this unconscious bias training to your cultural needs. And, if you need more, we can have an experienced customisation unit.