Unique features to improve user experience and learning effectiveness

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Engage learners with interactivity, humour, and storytelling

  • Dynamic and pacey
  • Media rich
  • Builds knowledge
  • Develops self-awareness

Easy to get around

Make it easy for learners to navigate a powerful learning environment

  • Intuitive interface
  • Cutting edge feature set
  • Consistent structure


Interactive eBooks are unique learning "takeaways" that support learners at work and improve knowledge retention

  • Memory aids
  • Checklists
  • Action planning tools


Build interest through exploration and confidence through testing and certification

  • Robust randomised testing
  • RoSPA, CPD and IATP accreditation
  • Printable learner certificates


Motivate learners by putting them in control of their time

  • Clear section durations
  • Progress bar
  • Bookmarked exit and return


Make sure everything is seen with optional locked-navigation

  • Fast forward disabled
  • Random access available to revisit


Flex to different learner needs and environments

  • dynamic course text transcript
  • available with a single click
  • Integrated Language translation
  • Access to over 100 languages


Make learning even more relevant with customisation

  • Add your branding
  • Add policies and procedures
  • Add your own examples and scenarios
  • Use the built in editor


Accesible to learners through PCs and mobile devices

  • Mobile ready
  • Available 24/7
  • Learn anywhere

LMS or Cloud based

We give you delivery options for your own LMS, Totara, Moodle or the Cloud

  • continuously monitored usage
  • remote problem resolution
  • remote course updates for content and technology