Leadership and Management Online Training

Are Leaders born or made? There have been many articles written by thought leaders on this question but the benefits of leadership and management training have long since been proven. Statistically, 75% of employees quit their jobs because of a poor relationship with a boss – so it makes business sense to invest in good leaders and develop the next generation of inspiring managers.

So what does it take to make the successful transition to team leader from a team member? Our leadership and management courses are designed to develop the potential of your most promising employees and inspire your team to high performance. Courses will include how to run effective reviews, how to use the GROW principle to motivate and lead a team and how to deal with challenging team dynamics.

These engaging, content-rich eLearning courses provide a solid foundation for leadership, to strengthen and grow your team’s skills and ability. They cover issues such as communication and influence, problem solving and decision making, and performance management and appraisal – everything you need to harness and unlock the promise of your top team.

All Engage in Learning online courses are based on the psychology of learning and a deep understanding of the way the brain works, for maximum results.

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