Customers tell us they like the fact we are easy to work with, our solutions are straightforward and simple to understand, putting them in control of their eLearning journey.

Our interactive eBooks are a unique learning “takeaway” that really make a difference in retaining and using knowledge, enabling learners to apply new skills.

  • Accessible – Enables learners to make notes during and after the eLearning and to take advantage of features such as risk assessment checklists.
  • Self-assessment – Questionnaires and risk assessments help ensure learners are working safely and correctly applying their learning.
  • Action planning – Helps learners analyse their specific workplace situations and plan and monitor activities using the key processes from the eLearning. For example, when managing workplace stress, learners can create a structured action plan and record progress.
  • Mobile Memory aids – Checklists and quick reference summaries of key material make it easy for people to refresh their memory before taking on a new task or working in a different environment – on their mobile device at point of need. 

Bite-sized insights for leaders

Bite-sized learning is fast becoming a key part of the eLearning landscape. With a rapid increase in mobile devices, shrinking training budgets and constraints on time, the way eLearning is designed, developed and delivered is constantly evolving, creating a need for new bite-sized learning modules.

We can help leaders and managers gain expert insight at their fingertips, providing access to a library of more than 500 bite-sized, 1-3 minute videos. Hear from a variety of speakers across a range of subjects, learn from their experience and enable your managers to lead change effectively.

If you want to find out more about new bite-size learning, contact a member of our Sales team today.