What is Food Hygiene Level 2?

What is Food Hygiene Level 2?

Food hygiene level 2 is a food safety award given to people who complete a training course. The course will include a set of safe food handling procedures, and hazards to be wary of.

It is a legal requirement for catering or hospitality organisations to complete training. This is because these businesses have food handlers who touch, prepare and store food. During the process of handling food, bacteria could spread onto the food if good hygiene isn’t followed. This could lead to health problems for the public if they consume the infected items.

On the other hand, you do not need a certificate if you plan on making things like cakes for a charity event. You should, however, still be careful about how you handle ingredients.

At the end of a training course, a you will receive a level 2 food hygiene certificate. These do not have expiry dates, but it is recommended that you renew at least every three years. This is because when technology and laws update, food handling procedures may do as well.

What a Level 2 Course Will Train You to Do

During a level 2 food hygiene course, you will learn about some of the basic food safety rules. They will look to prevent certain hazards in the kitchen. Some of the areas the training course will cover include:

  • Food storage
  • Preparation of hot and cold food
  • Pest control
  • Controlling food temperatures
  • Cleaning food before use
  • Cleaning surfaces before and after use
  • Safe food touching
  • Dealing with spoilt food

As a result, a level 2 course will train a person to be able to safely control all of the above factors. They will be able to protect the public from the three main food safety hazards (chemical, biological and physical agents).[1] These can cause “illness or injury due to immediate or long-term exposure”.[2]

In addition, you will gain a deeper understanding of food safety laws in the UK. These include the Food Hygiene Regulations 2006, and the Food Safety Act 1990. You will be trained in how to implement their hygiene rules and good practices.

Who is a Level 2 Food Hygiene Course For?

Anyone looking for jobs in the catering or hospitality sectors will need a food hygiene level 2 certificate.

The definition of ‘food handler’ is quite wide, meaning anyone who comes into contact with kitchen surfaces or food need a certificate. This can include amateur chefs or people like cleaners.

By completing a level 2 course, you can progress further in your career and complete a level 3 food hygiene course. This is designed for people who manage food handlers. There is a level 1 course, but you do not necessarily have to complete it before going on to level 2. This is because they largely have the same content, and level 2 has more. As a result, it is the most popular course and a great starting point.

In addition, a new organisation looking to be food-safe can use these courses as a backbone for their new strategy. It is a solid pillar for up-and-coming businesses, because they promote solid practices and good values.

Although there is no strict legal requirement to get a certificate in UK law, the food industry does want you to have one. Plus, there is a requirement to train all staff appropriately. So, if you are looking for a job in catering, it is highly recommended to complete a training course. Because they are relatively cheap and available online, they are well-accessible.

Everyone in catering has a responsibility to protect the public from contaminated foods. Food hygiene level 2 is a vital part of this. Risks of ignoring food safety rules are high, and no organisation wants to be caught-out by a fine.

You can view our online level 2 food hygiene training course here.

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