Why are Product Knowledge and Attitude Important in Customer Service?

Why are Product Knowledge and Attitude Important in Customer Service?

Product knowledge and attitude are important in customer service because it means that:

  • Employees can give better recommendations to customers
  • Customer services can solve problems easier
  • Customer-organisation relationships become stronger
  • Customers have a positive experience

Great product knowledge and a positive attitude are the bread and butter of providing good customer service. They go hand-in-hand, because you need to show off your confidence in a positive, friendly yet product-savvy manner. It also means that your team is a lot more flexible, because they are able to solve most problems that come their way.

Customer service teams are the first people that many consumers interact with, and this can make or break a purchase decision. Positive and negative experiences can have a permanent effect on someone, which dictates if they will buy products and services. As a result, you need outstanding knowledge and attitudes to set yourself apart.

At the end of the day, its about oozing professionalism, and building trust. The most successful organisations have excellent customer services. If customers can’t trust you, they just simply wont use your services.

What is Good Product Knowledge?

Good product knowledge is the “ability to acquire as much knowledge about a product being sold”.[1]

As you can imagine, this doesn’t come quickly. Excellent customer service providers have been in the game for many years and have built up a hugely impressive catalogue of knowledge. To build your knowledge, you need to have hands-on experience, hold talks with the sales teams, and read your catalogues.

A really great knowledge of your product involves knowing both its strengths and weaknesses. No product or service is perfect, and customers know this. If customer service employees make-out that their product is flawless, customers will be driven away. Awareness of problems with the product is vital for building-up trust with the consumer because it lets them know that this organisation listens to its customers.

In addition, it lets employees answer the difficult questions. Whether this is about complex problems with the product itself, or negative perceptions of it, customer service teams need to prepare themselves.

However, its not enough to have a great knowledge of your product. They way you deliver your information is just as important.

What is a Positive Attitude?

Positivity in your interactions with customers is the mode through which you deliver your extensive product knowledge. A positive attitude in customer service “is all about remaining calm during interactions, making every effort to build robust relationships with customers, and ensuring that customers view the company as authentic”.[2]

Acting positively towards customers makes them feel like they are respected. This increases customer satisfaction, as its just nicer to talk to someone friendly and helpful. Employees who show bad customer service skills and sound bored or unenthusiastic towards the service are unlikely to sell products.

Positivity is also about giving that little bit extra to keep your customers happy. For example, if a customer is angry because they bought a product and it stopped working within a week, you can organise a free replacement as well as something for the inconvenience. Customers appreciate the little things that show thought and attention to detail.

However, it has a behavioural advantage too. By promoting happiness and positivity, “the service teams would be able to mould customer behaviour and influence them a lot more easily”.[3] As a result, you can sell more of your products and increase profits.

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