What are the 4 Main Customer Needs?

What are the 4 Main Customer Needs?

The 4 main customer needs are a fair price, great service, strong product and feeling respected and welcomed.

There are other needs that customers and partner organisations may wish for based on their specific circumstances. Although customers don’t always tell you exactly what they want or need, you must try and find out yourself by adopting a customer centric approach. This involves asking the right questions and listening to their concerns or wishes. The importance of customer service cannot be understated.

In short, you need to know as much information as possible about your customers and partners to be successful in customer services. Your main job is to get customers to make the best purchase for themselves, and you can’t do that without getting the information first.

The Main Needs of Customers

Fair Prices

One of the main things to consider when you sell products is competitive pricing.

Consumers have some idea of how much a product will cost. If you price your products highly without a lot of justification for why it’s so much better, customer expectations won’t be met.

This is poor treatment of your loyal customers, and it will result in driving them away to competing brands. It’ll also mean that new customers won’t buy your services or products, because they feel they are unnecessarily expensive. The most expensive item is generally not the best for certain consumers, but it is best for the business and consumers realise this.

Each consumer has their own budget, so organisations must tailor their products to suit.

Strong Products

Furthermore, customers always look at great products.

Your organisation needs to offer something original, well thought-out and professionally made. Otherwise, you will be swallowed up. In this day and age, there is so much to choose from, customers can be overwhelmed easily.

Your ability to look after customers is more important that the product. However, at the end of the day it is still important. After all, you can have the best customer services on the planet, but if you are offering something customers don’t need or want, then you will struggle.

Here, some empathy goes a long way. Build and develop something that gives “the customer exactly what they need, not what you think they need”.[1]

Feeling Respected and Welcomed

Another important customer requirement is great treatment.

There are so many quality products out there these days, that it is hard to stand out. But, treating your customers with respect and integrity really makes you seem like you are going the extra mile. Ultimately, you wouldn’t have a business if it weren’t for the customers, and everyone would like to keep it that way.

To do so, you need to show that you are receptive to their problems and a good listener. Good customer service involves promoting a positive body language, like smiling and maintaining eye contact.

Great Service

Customers don’t only pay for a good product; they are looking to purchase a fantastic and supportive service.

After all, research has shown that customers don’t mind paying that little bit more for great customer service.[2] This makes sense because a good service means an organisation can fix problems more easily. Often, it is what sets good and outstanding organisations apart.

To offer a customer a great experience, according to HubSpot, you need to show great empathy, fairness, transparency, control, a wide range of options, in depth information and accessibility.[3] All of these things help to build trust not only in your product, but also in you as a representative of the organisation.

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