Leadership and Management

Effective Email

Developed in conjunction with Emailogic, this effective email course is a must for anyone who wants to improve the clarity of their communication and their ability to influence others to increase productivity throughout the organisation. SAVE YOUR ORGANISATION TENS OF THOUSANDS OF POUNDS A YEAR! Based on Emailogic’s highly successful 90-minute seminar, Effective Email covers…

Communicating to Influence

Communicating to Influence involves more than listening and questioning. It requires you to understand other people’s body language, build rapport and trust with others as well as communicating your message clearly. In today’s competitive and project-oriented work environment, strong business communication skills are essential for both individual and organisational success. This communicating to influence course strengthens the…

Influencing to Win/Win

Influencing is not just a communication skill, it is a mindset! Successful influencers clarify their goals, focus their efforts on the right people and select the most appropriate influencing tactics. Whether a manager or a salesperson, influencing skills are necessary for anyone in business. This is because the ability to bring others to your way…

Conducting a Performance Review

Get your performance reviews off to a good start and finish on a positive note. Find out how to raise and handle performance issues constructively, including how and when to praise and recognise good performance conducting performance reviews with staff members. This course helps managers review the effectiveness of staff performance in terms of mutual…

Evaluating Performance

Develop a motivated, high-performance workforce by managing performance with realistic goals and expectations. Plan how to use a performance management cycle to develop, support and engage your employees.

Preparing For a Formal Review

Make sure you plan effectively for a formal review and give yourself the best possible chance of success. Learn how to set objectives, gather information, brief your colleague, ensuring they also prepare, and manage the logistics.

Performance Improvement Strategies

How do you encourage someone who exceeds expectations to continue their high performance? Can you motivate and develop someone who is underperforming? Explore different performance improvement strategies and see how to enrich someone’s job, rather than simply enlarge it.

Solving Performance Problems

Manage your relationships on an adult basis when things get tough and be able to deal with performance issues in a calm, consistent and systematic way. Learn to respond constructively to denial or emotional responses.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Do you know what impact you have when you deliver feedback? Learn how to frame feedback constructively and use it to develop individuals and improve performance, motivation and engagement.

Monitoring Performance

Build a successful working relationship that allows monitoring without micromanaging. Learn how to adapt your management style to fit the situation and individual. Explore the benefits of observing and recording performance data to achieve consistent performance improvement.