Why Manage Performance
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  • Why Manage Performance

Why Manage Performance Online Course Overview

Explore the role of performance management in developing a motivated, high-performance workforce and know what you can and can’t expect to achieve.

This online managing performance course forms part of our Leadership & Management series and equips delegates with a practical understanding of the role effectively managing performance has in developing a motivated, high-performance workforce. Learners are able to plan how to use a management cycle to develop, support and engage your employees as well as meeting your individual, organisational and customer goals.

Sections of the course include:

  • Performance Management in Action – Effectively managing staff performance affects just about every aspect of someone’s working life. A series of vignettes show you how and lead to a definition of performance management.
  • A Performance Management Model – Explore a model for understanding and implementing an effective management process and see how it benefits everyone in an organisation.
  • Improving Capability – Learn to differentiate what you can and can’t change about an individual so you can focus your time and effort on making real improvements.
  • Creating the conditions – What you learn when you practice performance management feeds back into your own skills and performance and helps you create the conditions for excellent performance.

Why Manage Performance eLearning Outcomes

  • Learn how to use performance management cycle
  • Learn how to develop a high performance workforce
  • Understand the key concepts of performance management
  • Understand the role performance management plays in motivation, engagement and high performance
  • Map a performance management cycle, identifying the aims and significance of each element
  • Match the cycle to individual and organisational goals to improve customer service and satisfaction ratings

Why Manage Performance Online Course Features:

  • Editable Content Option
  • Instant Language Switch
  • Variable Speed Playback
  • Downloadable eBooks
  • Multi-device compatibility