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Using the Grow Model to Coach 1

eLearning Course Outline

This eLearning course will show you how to set effective and ‘SMART’goals with individual staff member. Learn how to establish a sound coaching relationship using the ‘Grow’ model strategy.

Target audienceTeam Leaders & Managers

24 Minutes

Features Learning Outcomes
  • Take just a minute for an overview of the course. You’ll need audio!

  • Using the Grow Model to Coach Screenshot
  • Using the Grow Model to Coach Screenshot

Learning Outcomes

  • Do you know how to establish good coaching goals with the person you’re coaching
  • Can you work with your colleague to develop a set of realistic options to help them develop on the job?
  • Can you help someone commit to a plan to improve?
  • Establish a sound coaching relationship
  • Set SMART goals that develop the individual through work
  • Establish what is happening and what can be done
  • Develop, with the learner, a set of options to gain and use new skills
  • Develop a set of scheduled actions and gain commitment to completing those actions
  • Use a process like the GROW model to coach


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