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Modern Slavery

You may have thought that slavery was something you only saw in the history books. But sadly that’s far from the truth. Modern Slavery is still found in every country around the world – including the UK.

Every large company has a responsibility to publish a statement about what it is doing to prevent modern slavery in its business and supply chain so any small organisation supplying larger ones and government organisations is likely to have to do the same to maintain its business.

This course will help your workforce understand how to spot and report signs of modern slavery so your organisation can be fulfilling a positive role in preventing this illegal and morally unacceptable practice.

Target audienceAll Employees

15 Minutes

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Features Learning Outcomes
  • Modern slavery course screenshot How big is the problem?

    Reflective questions help learners engage with the issue

  • Modern slavery online learning screen image

    scenario based questions help learners understand their responsibilities and priorities

  • High impact graphics make really important concepts memorable

    High impact graphics make really important concepts memorable

  • Reflective questions invite learners to engage with the issues

    Reflective questions invite learners to engage with the issues

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the scale of Modern Slavery
  • Your responsibilities under the Modern Slavery Act 2015
  • What is Modern Slavery
  • How to spot the signs of Modern Slavery
  • How to report Modern Slavery


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