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Meetings Pathway Overview

Best results with online training for Employees. Skilfully control how information flows, fully covering the agenda and finishing on time. When meetings are poorly managed or hosted, it can lead to frustration, time-wasting and a lack of direction and purpose. Meetings have the potential to be the biggest impact on staff productivity in most organisations.

These 3 courses will introduce you to the skills required to prepare, host and run effective meetings which will ensure that all meeting outcomes are followed through. Do you know how to encourage participation and help everyone at your meetings to contribute fully?

Learn how to get the best out of people while skilfully controlling the way information flows, fully covering the agenda and finishing on time!

Occasionally a meeting runs into trouble. Learn how to use five techniques to unstick a group that’s encountered a problem and stalled, including going off agenda, low energy levels, highly emotional or unresponsive groups, and experiencing patchy participation.

Meetings Pathway eLearning Outcomes

On completing the pathway, learners will:

  • Learn how to prepare effectively to ensure that meetings run smoothly
  • Write Agendas that ensure the meeting covers everything you need to discuss
  • Gain confidence in Hosting a meeting and handle any conflict
  • Learn 5 techniques to unstick a group that has stalled

Meetings Pathway Features:

  • Editable Content Option
  • Instant Language Switch
  • Variable Speed Playback
  • Downloadable eBooks
  • Multi-device compatibility

Preparing to Lead a Meeting

Do people look forward to the meetings you lead or see them as a pleasant waste of time?

Learn how to create clear and achievable objectives for your meetings, and how to construct an agenda that engages attendees and helps the team achieve its goals.

Anyone can lead a meeting, but Leading a successful meeting requires more than luck

To achieve a productive and successful meetings, good preparation and planning is required. Learn how to control the flow of information in your meetings, manage your time effectively and activate full participation from attendees..

Meetings sometimes don’t work out as planned. This course is designed to help meeting leaders put their meetings back on track when things go wrong.

Learn how to use specific techniques to bring your meeting back on track when you encounter a problem, how to diagnose the problem to avoid recurrence. Explore five facilitation techniques that, when used in combination, will help you facilitate a group over a rocky patch. Adapt the five techniques to a group that is unresponsive or where there is partial participation. Explore how to uncover the reasons of low activity and strategies for dealing with it. Groups that are emotional or constantly going off track can also be re-focused using the five techniques. Explore how to diagnose the issues and develop practical strategies for dealing with them