• Scenario based interactions help learners understand the impact of allowing infection to spread
  • Video interactions ask learners to identify good and bad practice in action
  • Interactions ask learners to analyse and evaluate key concepts
  • Learners can use the interactive eBook to help them remember key points and what to do in event of an accident

  • Anyone who has responsibility for minimising the risk of infection at work

  • 30 minutes

  • RoSPA

Infection Control

Course Overview

RoSPA approved Infection Control eLearning course, a fast and effective way to meet your health and safety responsibilities

Interactive and dynamic, this Safety Faster Infection Control eLearning course uses video to show good hand washing technique and dynamic animation to show how infection spreads. Infection Control is essential training for anyone who has the health of others in their hands. Training in Infection Control shouls test current understanding and also allow learners to put what they learn into action.

This Infection Control course demonstrates why wearing correct PPE such as aprons and gloves is so important as well as simple routines such as washing hands before and after preparing food and drink. This course also explains that by putting polices and procedures in place for Infection Control everyone is protected against infectious diseases. The course explains why providing guidelines for infection control and prevention is a legal requirement.

Identification activities also help learners to translate the material to their own situation.

  • Speed-Learning function equipped for faster compliance
  • Ready-to-use or fully customisable using our self-editor function
  • Includes automated translation into all other languages
  • Cheat-resistant testing

Comply Faster: cost-effective, mobile ready eLearning, quick and easy setup, great value and service.

Our unique Speed-Learning function is now also built-in to this RoSPA approved Health and Safety course, allowing learners to accelerate the audio and facilitating a more engaging Infection Control eLearning experience. Speed-learning enabled, multi-lingual 24/7 accessibility makes it possible for employees to learn at their own pace and in bite-sized chunks ensuring training that best suits their own timetables.

Learning Outcomes

  • List the common forms of infection
  • Identify who is most at risk from infection
  • Explain the impact of going to work when contagious
  • Describe employer and employee responsibilities to control infection
  • Explain how Chain of Infection
  • Identify how infection might spread in their environment
  • Recall key terms in the chain of infection such as infectious agents and reservoir
  • Describe how to break the chain at each of its stages
  • Wash and sanitise their hands correctly
  • Identify types of PPE that help stop the spread of infection

Course Features:

  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Instant Language Switch
  • Variable Speed Playback
  • Editable Content Option
  • Downloadable eBooks

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