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Leadership Styles and Qualities

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Fresh and dynamic eLearning: ensures that supervisory and management staff are properly trained to provide leadership to their teams. Video scenarios and question based learning provide an understanding of what it takes to be a leader and a step by step guide to improving their approach.

Ebook: clear and concise, puts essential information and planning tools at learner’s fingertips.

Ready-to-use or customisable.

The Leadership Skills range: cost effective mobile ready training, designed for fast delivery and learner engagement.

Target audienceTeam Leaders and Managers

40 minutes

Features Learning Outcomes
  • Take just a minute for an overview of the course. You’ll need audio!

  • Leadership Style and Qualities Screenshot

    Engages learners on many levels

  • Leadership Style and Qualities Screenshot

    Video examples put information into context.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the different facets of being a leader: leadership, management and facilitator.
  • Choose a leadership style and match it to the team and situation
  • Understand the different qualities expected in a leader: 15 are explored in detail
  • Assess your development needs and identify how to bridge development gaps


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