Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Online Training for Employees

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PPE Course Overview

RoSPA Accredited Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) online training for employees. A fast and effective way to meet your health and safety responsibilities to safeguard those in high-risk environments and those required to use PPE. Identify the right PPE for your workplace and ensure it maintains the protection required for staff safety.

Dynamic and interactive, this PPE training course clearly lays out the reasons for wearing Personal Protective Equipment, the different kinds available and the hazards different pieces of PPE protects staff from.

Suitable for employees and employers, this PPE training helps to ensure that safeguarding and Health and Safety compliance is firmly in place for staff working in high-risk environments, keeping them safe from hazards. The course content ensures delegates are equipped with the knowledge and the skills to ensure the right PPE is used and maintained appropriately, including familiarisation with Health and Safety legislation and the different types of PPE that protect employees so you can choose the right product for your workplace.

This eLearning only provides awareness education. Face to face training would be needed in addition in order to complete the all round skills and knowledge to be able to carry this forward practically in your organisation.

PPE eLearning Outcomes

  • explain why PPE is necessary
  • explain the hazards that different pieces of PPE protects them from
  • identify PPE required from standard signage
  • identify appropriate PPE for a job
  • describe their responsibilities

PPE Online Course Features:

  • Editable Content Option
  • Instant Language Switch
  • Variable Speed Playback
  • Downloadable eBooks
  • Multi-device compatibility