Health and Safety: In the Office

  • Chunked information design allows learners to choose just what’s relevant for them to make the most of their training time
  • Short interactions keep learners engaged
  • Learners are asked to identify risks in a variety of different scenarios to help them translate the ideas to their workplace
  • The tools in the interactive eBook helps learners to evaluate any risks to their health and safety and work out how to minimise them

Course Overview

Health and Safety in the Office, a fast and effective way to fulfill your office health and safety responsibilities

If you are responsible for Health and Safety in your office this fast paced, high impact and engaging course will raises your awareness of possible hazards in the office environment, what to do to minimise risk and how to keep well at work. It includes helpful tools to help learners assess their own office health and safety risks, including stress.

This online course forms part of our Health and Safety series and helps delegates with Health and Safety responsibility ensure that the training they receive is effective and delivered in a no nonsense way. Our engaging RoSPA approved* online courses cost-effectively deliver the Health and Safety Awareness Training all your employees require to stay safe. We offer award winning design, quick and easy set-up and great value. Our friendly, expert team will be happy to help.

Learning Outcomes

  • Spot common hazards associated with office work
  • Conduct a rapid risk assessment for a low risk environment
  • Describe both employer and employee responsibilities for health and safety
  • List the kind of health issues that can result from working in an office
  • Explain how to keep themselves healthy mentally and physically at work

Course Features:

  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Instant Language Switch
  • Variable Speed Playback
  • Editable Content Option
  • Downloadable eBooks

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