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Stress at Work Course Overview

We all experience stress at some point in our lives – including at work.

The main symptoms of work related stress may include: apathy, fatigue, loss of productivity, trouble concentrating and feelings of depression. Employers need to raise awareness of stress in the workplace and employees need to be able to combat stress and this course is the perfect way to do just that.

This course helps employees and managers reduce workplace stress and will teach learners the skills necessary to combat it. It is RoSPA approved and is a fast and effective way to deal with symptoms of stress.

The interactive online training course is packed with self-assessment exercises, and helps learners analyse their own stress as well as its causes and effects.

A series of scenarios offers practical actions and skill development to help take charge of stress. Stress relief in the workplace can result in increase performance from affected staff and an overall improvement in employee well-being.

As well as rich content on stress at work, our unique set of in course features allow each learner to tailor the course to suit their preferences including controlling the speed of delivery and the colours and contrast to create a relaxing learning environment.

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This eLearning only provides awareness education. Face to face training would be needed in addition in order to complete the all round skills and knowledge to be able to carry this forward practically in your organisation.

Stress at Work eLearning Outcomes

  • Describe the stress cycle and how to break it
  • Audit their own signs of stress
  • Identify the general causes of their stress
  • Identify the root causes of their stress
  • Develop a strategy to overcome stress
  • Identify what skills they need to improve
  • Make better choices about their lifestyle

Stress at Work Online Course Features:

  • Editable Content Option
  • Instant Language Switch
  • Variable Speed Playback
  • Downloadable eBooks
  • Multi-device compatibility