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Handling Questions Online Course Overview

Handling questions effectively is an excellent opportunity to ensure your presentation meets your audience’s needs. Learn how to encourage questions and explore how to prepare so you can respond effectively and with confidence.

Presentations today are usually followed up with a question and answer session, or questions are encouraged throughout the event. To some, this is the most exciting part of the presentation but to others, it is the worst. In fact, many confident presenters say that they purposely avoid the question and answers part of a presentation altogether or they seek ways to avoid the ‘difficult’ questions. But dealing with questions in a presentation is a skill which anyone can master and can be the distinguishing factor for a presenter. Understanding that if people ask you questions, even hostile ones, it’s not to trip you up but because they genuinely want the answer. This online Handling Questions effectively course helps equip delegates with the skills necessary to ensure question and answer sessions meet those audience needs and deliver an effective bridge between their needs and your content.

Handling Questions eLearning Outcomes

  • Encourage your audience to ask questions
  • How to prepare for questions
  • How to answer questions effectively
  • Use questions as an opportunity to tailor your presentation to audience needs
  • Prepare for questions and indicate that you are open to questioning
  • Plan when to answer questions
  • Value every question
  • Check your understanding of the question, think before you speak, and answer as clearly as possible
  • Be sincere, admit if you do not have the answer

Handling Questions Online Course Features:

  • Editable Content Option
  • Instant Language Switch
  • Variable Speed Playback
  • Downloadable eBooks
  • Multi-device compatibility