Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

As an employer you are legally required to provide Display Screen Equipment training to all staff and anyone else who uses desktop or laptop computers and even hand-held devices. Our RoSPA approved online DSE course is interactive and engaging and provides a rapid solution that will help you meet your legal requirements and provide help to employees in avoiding the health issues related to working with DSE.

The engaging course includes a downloadable eBook with memory aids and risk assessments for the employee to keep. Optionally you can combine this with our online risk assessment so you have a record of both learning and compliance.

This course is ready-to-use or customisable using our built-in editor. It is available in many languages and can be run on computers or mobile devices. Our new Speed-Learning function allows users to accelerate learning to the pace most suitable for them. Randomised testing ensures learners can’t cheat or pass around answers.

For anyone who is going to train or carry out risk assessments for other people in your organisation RoSPA advise they would require additional face-to-face training before doing so.

As part of our Safety Faster range this course can be combined with others to provide a complete Health and Safety Training Solution for your employees. Our friendly helpful team can advise on the best solution for you so call us today.

Safety Faster: cost effective, mobile ready training, quick and easy setup, great value and service.

  Target audienceAll employees who use display screen equipment (DSE) for work
  Duration30 minutes
  CertificationRoSPA, CPD
  eBookeBook provides Memory Aids, Tips and Risk Assessments

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Learning Outcomes

  • Setting up a workstation and working position to avoid risk of injury
  • Avoiding aches, pains and fatigue when working with DSE
  • Adopting a good posture and maintaining neutral wrist and arm position
  • Setting up and working safely with laptop computers
  • Using mobile technology safely
  • Tips for employees who “Hot-Desk”
  • DSE assessments when working at home


  • Language Toolbar - Easily change to any language
  • Customisable to follow your brand's identity
  • NEW - Edit courses yourself using our editor
  • Multi-device
  • Intuitive navigation and bookmarking
  • Accessible close captioned
  • Cheat resistant testing
  • Engaging, pacey and effective

Watch this video to see how we create engagement with interactivity, humour, and storytelling.

Saving Valuable Time

Our customers are efficient modern organisations who want eLearning to be delivered as fast as possible with full comprehension by learners obtained and recorded. They know that saving even a small amount of time per module can result in major cost savings and that learner engagement is key to effective learning.

Accelerating eLearning

Our audience are adult learners with busy lives and a job to do. They don’t want to waste time and we know they will only sustain maximum attention for a limited period. Our pacey interesting and interactive modules engage and challenge learners, providing better retention and understanding, saving people time. We don’t waffle. We do apply the ‘so what?’ test to ensure that everything said or written supports the course outcomes and we use plain English. Our courses use accelerated learning techniques to provide rapid comprehension. This includes allowing learners to experiment with a situation and see the results; using synchronised audio, text, graphics, animation, photographs and games to engage both left and right brain in the process. The learner is presented with a wide variety of interaction types and can use the eBooks for checklists and on the spot access.

Making a lasting impact on learners

Our 4 step process promotes learning, confidence and use of skills in the workplace.
  • Step 1 – Establish relevance and benefit to the learner
  • Step 2 – Engage the learner throughout the course
  • Step 3 – Ensure learning has occurred and provide a certificate of accomplishment
  • Step 4 – Provide support materials at point of need to aid memory and application of skills
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