Creating Presentation Support Materials

Course Overview

Avoid the pitfalls of too many slides and too much text! Make sure you keep your audience engaged by using visual support materials effectively and create visuals that enhance your message.

Interacting on a one-to-one basis is greatly reduced when presenting to groups and is virtually non-existent when presenting to large audiences. Also, when a presentation is required to communicate large projects in a short space of time, presenters can find the prospect overwhelming and end up cramming in too many slides and too much text. This may be to try to orient the audience or expose them to as much information as possible all at once. This, of course, leads to a disengaged audience and a lack of retention. This course helps ensure that delegates are equipped with the skills needed to create and manage effective visual aids in making sure everyone is able to remain engaged and that they retain the information delivered. Effective visual aids further help contextualise extempore dialogue and also help the speaker stay on track of his or her presentation’s content.


Our Speed-Learning function is now built-in allowing learners to accelerate the audio without increasing the pitch, facilitating a more engaging learning experience which better matches conversational and reading speeds of learners. Speed-learning enabled, multi-lingual 24/7 accessibility makes it possible for employees to learn at their own pace and in bite sized chunks ensuring training that best suits their own timetables with no constraint on productivity and resources.

  • Speed-Learning function equipped
  • Ready-to-use or fully customisable using our self-editor function
  • Multi-Language support
  • Cheat-resistant testing

Cost effective, mobile ready training, quick and easy setup, great value and service.

Learning Outcomes

  • The power of visuals on the audience
  • Design your visuals with the audience in mind
  • Support materials like handouts
  • Use of notes as key message reminder
  • Recognise and avoid the features of poorly designed visuals
  • Identify when a visual aid or other media will enhance your presentation
  • Describe successful supporting visuals and ensure yours are legible, clear and have impact
  • Ensure your notes support rather than intrude on your relationship with the audience
  • Create effective hand-outs to clarify your points and support your audience

Course Features:

  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Instant Language Switch
  • Variable Speed Playback
  • Editable Content Option
  • Downloadable eBooks

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