Coaching Pathway

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Pathway Overview

Coaching is one of the most effective ways of improving people’s skills, understanding and enthusiasm so they give their best performance. Here we position coaching as a crucial leadership and motivation skill.

The Coaching Pathway is a series of 4 inter-linked course which will guide the learner through the:

  • Leader as Coach – Discover how to create the conditions for successful coaching and effectively plan a coaching project. Choose an appropriate coaching style to suit you and your colleagues.
  • Coaching Skills – Learn the difference between a learner-centred and a coach-centred approach? Do you know how to balance them during a coaching session? Learn when to ‘tell’ and when and how to help learners work out their own solutions using a careful mix of communication techniques.

Using the GROW Model to Coach 1 – See how to use the GROW model to establish good coaching goals with the person you’re coaching, analyse their situation objectively, develop a set of realistic options and help them commit to an action plan.

Using the GROW Model to Coach 2- See how to use the GROW model to maintain momentum throughout a coaching project. Explore how to help the person you’re coaching through the coaching process including overcoming their limiting beliefs and acknowledging their successes..

Over 1.5 hours of eLearning including:

  • Video case studies
  • Personal development plan
  • Downloadable learning resources such as wallplanners, infographics and eBooks

Learning Outcomes

On completing the pathway, learners will:

  • Learn how to develop a high performance workforce
  • Understand the key concepts of performance management
  • Understand the role performance management plays in motivation, engagement and high performance
  • Match the cycle to individual and organisational goals to improve customer service and satisfaction ratings
  • Discover how to communicate effectively with your teams
  • Be able to define acceptable standards of performance for a job and align performance objective accordingly
  • Prepare for and conduct a performance review
  • Learn strategies to improve poor performance


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Being a great coach

Being a great coach takes motivation, interest and skill.

In this course you will he difference between coach centred and learner centred behaviour and how to use each of them and you’ll carry out an assessment of your own skills so you can identify your development needs.

The art of bringing out the best in people

There is an art to bringing out the best in people. It isn’t just a case of handing out instructions. This course introduces you to the concept of coaching and how it differs from mentoring or counselling

This course introduces you to the benefits of coaching along with some of the common barriers.

A sound coaching relationship

The GROW model is a framework you can use to plan and conduct a coaching relationship.

In this course you'll see how to establish a sound coaching relationship and plan your coaching process and coaching meetings using a coaching model called GROW -- Goal, Reality, Options and What.

Coaching is an ongoing process

Effective coaching is an ongoing process, not a one off activity. This fourth course in the Coaching Pathway helps the learner achieve their full potential. Consequently, one of your roles as coach is to maintain momentum.