Project Management

Course Overview

Today’s professional environment is a complex web of constrained resources, tight deadlines, lightning-fast developments and ambitious targets. Effective project management skills ensure organisational needs are met and results are delivered within this framework.

This CPD Certified online project management course forms part of our IT & Project Management series and helps delegates ensure that projects are well informed, efficient, flexible and effective, whilst also yielding the desired result which is extremely important to any business. Projects are how organisations make things happen and they create targeted organisational changes that improve services to customers and increase operational effectiveness, amongst many other benefits.

This course takes you through the strategic processes of the project management life cycle from conception to completion, while defining scope through to the evaluation stage. Throughout the project management course, delegates learn how to define their project, develop an effective project schedule and how to manage the project effectively through to the closure stage. It also equips learners with the knowledge to identify key stakeholders and project teams as well as the team management skills necessary to direct and control the project work such as leadership, communication, negotiation and team influence techniques.

Learning Outcomes

  • Preparation: Learn how to define your Project
  • Planning: Learn how to develop a project schedule
  • Performance: Learn how to manage your team and the project effectively
  • Closure: Understand how to ‘close’ a project
  • Identify key stakeholders and project teams
  • Identify resources and assign tasks; understand how to manage human elements and uncertainty
  • Team management skills; directing and controlling project work; soft skills such as leadership, communication, negotiation and team influence.
  • Capture lessons learned and, ultimately, measure the return on investment.

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