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You control personalisation with our course editor

Designed for Business

Our team of experts work with you to provide innovative and engaging eLearning solutions to meet both your training and technical challenges, looking at your Business objectives and learner needs

Our interactive courses use visually compelling graphics and images, with built in multimedia elements to deliver key pieces of information clearly and concisely to create maximum impact and an eLearning solution that keeps you in control.

Our capable Course Editor

Personalise our courses for your learners with relevant and timely information using our unique in-course editor.

  • Add your own graphics and text – for example in-house policies & procedures, useful checklists, or news and updates
  • Embed PDF’s, PowerPoint presentations and other documents
  • Add links to video and other powerful media
  • Create links to SharePoint and website content
  • Brand courses with your company logo to highlight the investment your organisation is making in staff development

New content & combined courses

If you need completely new content added, our in-house customisation services include design and development of specific content to meet your needs and creating Induction or general compliance courses combining existing course materials into a completely new course just for you.

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