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Clear Lessons - Video Learning

The trend in Learning and Development is for blended learning which allows for a mix of traditional elearning and micro learning to cater for individual learning styles as well as the need to ensure training is effective and applicable.

So what is Clear Lessons?

Put simply, Clear Lessons is a fantastic content library and powerful video learning platform combined into one. It’s the perfect tool for businesses looking to inspire and further their employees’ careers. Clear Lessons captures real world advice from industry leading experts and pass it on to you to help develop the next generation of leaders within your organisation.

After countless hours of searching for a suitable platform to host their content library on, Clear Lessons decided there wasn’t anything on the market that gave them the flexibility they wanted to offer organisations.

Blended learning in your organisation

Blended learning may include classroom or web-based training with videos, traditional elearning with eBooks, or a mix of all of these. We, at Engage in Learning have created our very own bespoke platform that does everything we believe you will need:

  • It is fully responsive across all devices including tablets and smartphones meaning your learners can use it anywhere.
  • It includes tracking for compliance.
  • It can be fully customised and branded for your organisation.
  • It does all this and much more…

The best way to experience to Clear Lessons is to book a demo with one of our friendly team who will guide you through the platform and content library. They will show you how easy it is to implement and give examples of companies who are already successfully using it.

According to research by Towards Maturity 69% of organisations around the world now use best practice videos as part of a blended approach.

Video learning really isn’t as expensive or complicated as you might think. Talk to your Engage in Learning account manager to find out how these affordable video lessons can complement your existing eLearning to create a truly multi media, blended learning programme.

If you would like to try a 30 day demo why not contact one of your Engage in Learning account managers or simply complete the form below.