Time to reflect, time to move ahead

Another fantastic year at Engage HQ.

Our team has expanded, our customer base has grown and our library of fabulous interactive courses has also got bigger…and we are expecting more of the same in 2019.

We welcomed several new developers this year (to keep up with demand) as well as Customer Support and Sales  & Marketing staff.

We also had a wedding, a new house and a 2 new babies to celebrate (not involving the same person!) so the Engage in Learning dynasty is assured. Obviously to make sure that everyone is kept gainfully employed we have developed a lot of new courses this year and have upgraded others.

Our Leadership and Management curriculum was given a refreshed new look with new Menu screen designs. These courses were the subject of the third in our webinar series and was hosted by Chris Horseman and Mark Edmonds.

Have a look at the webinar here.

Our Health and Safety course library also grew with the introduction of Suspicious Packages and Noise Awareness courses which are amongst our best animated and interactive designs that we have produced.

One thing that we always insist from the original instructional designs through to deployment of the courses is that the Learner experience must be what drives us. Interactivity, animations, quizzes and video always feature highly on an Engage in Learning course.

Within the field of Legal Compliance training we have refreshed our best selling GDPR training courses and have also released new learning on the subject of Right To Work and Unconscious Bias – both of which are very hot HR topics this year and will become increasingly so next year.

Unconscious Bias will be further developed by the release of a second course  – the first course was aimed specifically at Managers. This new course is suitable for all staff regardless of seniority.

Alexandra Wilson, Senior Account Manager, presented a webinar entitled “Identify and Challenge Unconscious Bias” in November and demonstrated excerpts from both Unconscious Bias courses.

Take a look at the webinar recording here.

Moving on to 2019 there is lots to talk about.

New courses will include: Discipline and Grievance, Bullying and Harassment, International Fraud, Bribery and Corruption, Pregnancy Awareness just to mention a few.


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