Post Brexit Anxiety

Organisations up and down the country are finding themselves in a period of uncertainty.  Brexit is coming, but when, how and what exactly is that going to mean?

Are people going to lose jobs? Will there be restructuring? Are there opportunities to explore?  And how should employees and employers face up to their social responsibilities when long established social norms of equality and diversity are apparently being re-examined, or even thrown straight out the window by the emboldened few?

As a provider of soft skills and compliance training content, we are used to creating custom courses around employee induction, equality and diversity and change management.  We believe in living the values that are enshrined in the European Convention of Human Rights, we believe in looking after our people, we believe in being a constructive force within local and national economy, and we believe in making viable short and long-term business decisions.  I believe that in this we are no different from the vast majority of UK businesses.

At the same time, we are equally as exposed to the buffeting turmoils of unpredictable political upheavals that we are all experiencing, and which are likely yet to come.  Political leadership of our country is struggling, perhaps even failing.

It seems to me, that right now is a great opportunity, no, not only an opportunity, but an urgent need, for the businesses of our country to play a strong part in being the voice of reason, to provide some guidance and predictability in an ocean of uncertainty.  How can we do that?  By reassuring our workforces of our values;  by communicating with feeling and passion our view of the current political turmoil, how it will likely affect our business and how we plan to not only survive, but thrive; and finally, how our commitment to equality and diversity is undiminished.

The tools to communicate these messages effectively, even measurably, are there – let’s use them!  So managers, leaders, captains of industry – what do you think?

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