Our latest ROSPA accredited course

Weʼve added two new courses to our compliance Health and Safety library.

Suspicious Packages

What would you do if you found a suspicious looking bag at work? This highly interactive course from Engage in Learning uses a series of scenarios and quiz questions to help you decide. The learner is faced with various dilemmas and they receive feedback on their choices.

Scenarios include a bag left in Reception, a parcel delivered at work or in the street. This course is suitable for those whose responsibility it is to deal with suspicious packages, as well as a great reminder for everyone in general.

  • What tells you that a package could be dangerous?
  • Do you know what to do if you are suspicious of a bag or package?

This course will give you clear guidelines to help you identify suspicious bags and packages and deal with them safely.

Noise Awareness

Over 2 million people in the UK are exposed to noise levels that may be harmful. This Health & Safety course focuses on the extent and effects of noise induced hearing loss. It is suitable for those who are seeking to carry out occupational noise assessments and includes guidance on what can be done to reduce noise and noise exposure.

Our highly interactive elearning course has been accredited by ROSPA, which means that organisations and their learners, can be confident that on successful completion, they have covered all relevant content for awareness training.
ROSPAʼs accreditation assures that this course will cover what organisations need their staff to know on a  day -to-day basis.

Highest standards

All the RoSPA approved Health and Safety courses achieved the highest standards of approval and the assessors felt that the courses presentation enhanced learning and helped delegates feel involved, communicated effectively at a good speed and encouraged learners to ask questions. They also felt that the subject matter was well interpreted, the course used a variety of training methods and offered relevant examples. You can see more about the courses themselves here.