GDPR explicitly requires staff training, yet many are still at risk

The General Data Protection Regulation replaces the Data Protection Act on 25th May 2018 and explicitly requires all companies that deal with or collect personal data to have staff training in place. This includes any information you may store that can identify an individual, but we’re not just talking names; it can include things such as bio-metric, genetic, cultural and economic information as well as email and IP addresses. Despite these explicit requirements, many companies still believe that it’s just not necessary and are leaving their organisation at serious risk of penalty.

With the GDPR set to impose fines of up to 4% of annual global revenue or €20 million, whichever is greater, organisations cannot afford to ignore responsibilities. And yet, recent reports by IT Governance, Spiceworks and Alert Logic demonstrate that most businesses are still not ready for its introduction, with less than 10% of organisations so far providing any staff awareness training to all employees.

What is more concerning however, is that only 53% are even planning to provide the training at all in the future because itʼs just not considered a priority, running a very real risk of breaching the regulation which carries some serious consequences.So, why are employers taking the risk?

When asked what challenges their company faces in becoming compliant with GDPR regulations, the most frequently mentioned challenge is a lack of budget (50%), closely followed by a lack of in-house IT expertise (48%).

If this is happening in your HR meetings, you can expect some very serious repercussions later on…

Well, GDPR readiness may sound like an expensive hurdle, a complicated task that would require huge strides and huge costs in the run up to overcoming it, but thatʼs simply not the reality. What is a reality, is that GDPR readiness is legally required and is far less time-consuming or expensive than you might think, regardless of perceived obstacles such as company size, staff locations, the languages of learners or how much time you have to allocate to busy employees.

If you’re new to online staff training, you’ll find that eLearning is a quick, affordable and effective means of delivering training to anywhere between five and 100,000+ employees:

    • it provides systematic, standardised training across multiple employees that can be repeated as needed
    • can be rolled-out for existing employees and also as part of your induction process for new employees
    • can be edited to accommodate your organisation’s branding, specific policies, documents etc. or fully customised to your organisational requirements
    • there are no traveling costs or costly days away from the office, as learners can study from multiple devices, any time, anywhere, all at once or in bite-size chunks to fit around work commitments
    • multi-user licenses and multi-year contracts ensure that costs are kept to a minimum

At Engage in Learning, whether you’re an SME or require a global enterprise roll-out, we can provide you with data protection awareness training for all staff or a fully comprehensive version for those working directly with data. All our courses are fully editable or we can provide a fully customised version to suit your specific needs. Don’t leave your organisation at risk, consider your GDPR training options now.

You can view our GDPR online training courses here.

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