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Great eLearning comes as standard but a small investment in branding or tailoring can make your students see it as completely relevant to them, maximising engagement to deliver more effective learning.

In these case studies illustrating the benefits of customised eLearning, find out how Blind Veterans UK, T-Systems and MAN Truck and Bus engaged their people and energised performance by implementing an Engage in Learning customised solution.


Custom induction for Telecoms company

Business need

T-Systems, a Deutsche Telecom company headquartered in London with offices and data centres across the UK, wanted to deliver consistent health and safety courses tailored specifically to their working environments, policies and systems.

Our solution

As a high-tech organisation, T-Systems had high expectations of eLearning. Offering them our off-the-shelf course library and unique approach to customisation meant that T-Systems were able to specify exactly what courses, sections and pages they wanted in order to build engaging, interactive and high quality content.

Working with our production team they were able to alter audio, images, text and activities, add links to their policies and create new content to precisely meet their needs.

Starting with our course library as a springboard, T-Systems benefitted from inbuilt powerful features such as automatic language translation and an easy to use course editing facility, enabling them to remain in control of course content at all times.

The outcome was a suite of courses including: An Introduction to Health and Safety, Environmental Awareness, Equality and Diversity, and Driving Safely.

Custom induction for innovative manufacturer

Business need

Helping new employees to be safe in their environment is always a priority. The training team at MAN Truck and Bus, part of the VW group, liked our eLearning modules, but needed specific workshop content.

Our solution

We customised existing modules, adding video and images shot in their workshops, as well as creating completely custom modules on Petrochemical Regulations and Working at Height on vehicles. We also custom developed an introduction to the company and implemented a Totara LMS.


blind veterans case study

Custom compliance training for Blind Veterans UK

Business need

Blind Veterans UK’s employees are spread throughout the UK in regional offices and two centres in Brighton and Llandudno, making it difficult to get everyone in one place for face-to-face training. As well as this, Blind Veterans UK previously had very ad hoc training records, and needed a Learning Management System (LMS) to enable them to record information about each employee’s progress in one place. That’s why they decided to implement an LMS. Blind Veterans UK’s L&D team had previous knowledge of Totara Learn, and knew that they wanted to pursue this as a potential LMS for the organisation. They invited UK Totara Partners to submit proposals, and Engage in Learning were chosen as the best match.

Our solution

They knew that they wanted to enable all employees to complete learning online, with courses open to everyone in the organisation. They also wanted the ability to put in-house courses on the LMS so that they could use Totara Learn’s booking system for seminars.

Blind Veterans UK also opted to launch the platform with e-learning content created by Engage in Learning to get the LMS up and running for onboarding new employees. This includes compliance training such as using display screen equipment, equality and diversity, food hygiene, fire safety and infection prevention control. This ensures that everyone starts off with the right information, and is complemented by a two-day face-to-face induction. Moving a lot of the learning online ensures that new starters can hit the ground running without having to wait for the next face-to-face session.

As well as this, Engage in Learning has helped the organisation set up certifications within Totara Learn, meaning the system sends automatic reminders when employees are due to retake their compliance training.

Since the platform first launched, Blind Veterans UK’s L&D team has worked closely with Engage in Learning to make some key improvements to the platform, such as changing the homepage design to improve navigation and reduce the number of clicks needed to do anything for a more user-friendly learner experience.



Engage in Learning provide semi-custom health & safety training for 17,000 staff

Business need

Nationwide were looking for an interactive eLearning solution that would ensure its 17,000 employees receive appropriate health & safety training, without having to waste time reviewing content that they already understand.

The solution

Nationwide Building Society is now using a customised, interactive awareness course from e-learning specialist Engage in Learning to ensure that once a year 17,000 staff in Nationwide’s head office, branches, administration centres and call centres all take an initial online pre-test that assesses their knowledge and directs them to the specific course modules they need to complete for their annual health & safety training. The full course is also included in Nationwide’s induction programme for new employees.

“The course takes account of what you know and it only shows you the modules you need to revise, so you don’t have to keep covering the same ground every year,” said Jonathan Munton, Chief Safety Officer at Nationwide. “This is a significant benefit for our staff as they only have to learn what’s relevant to them. The pre-test uses a range of different questions, so people can’t simply share the right answers”.

The interactive course uses accelerated learning techniques to provide essential health & safety advice, including how to identify hazards and control the risks in the workplace. It features practical tips and exercises to help employees stay physically and mentally healthy at work. Additional modules are available on mobile working – for employees who ‘hot desk’ or work in remote locations – and manual handling, where this is required.

“The course asks if mobile working or manual handling are relevant to you and if they are, it will include questions on these aspects in the pre-test,” said Jonathan Munton. “If people need training in these areas, the course will direct them to those particular modules.”

In an evaluation of the new course, involving 7,200 Nationwide employees, 96% felt confident about their health & safety awareness after completing their annual refresher training. 93% of 1,400 new starters said the course inspired and motivated them and 97% said it met their personal objectives.

“We’ve been pleased by the positivity of the evaluation results,” said Jonathan Munton. “Health & safety can be a dry subject but Engage in Learning offer an effective and enjoyable way to provide mandatory training. They’re a very professional and responsive partner and I’d have no hesitation in recommending them. Our health & safety course is quick and easy to complete and it ensures that our people know what they need to know, to do their jobs safely.”