About Us - Engage in Learning

What we stand for

Engage in Learning exists to help you unlock the potential of your workforce, and see your business flourish as a result. We do this by putting you in control of your learning, with a choice of interactive, bespoke and affordable courses that make eLearning more effective than ever before. Our combination of engaging courses, innovative technology and ongoing support has been designed to deliver eLearning success on a whole new level. Our company values are at the heart of everything we do.

Engaging eLearning

Engaging eLearning courses that get results. Whatever business you’re in – from ambitious start-up to established company – we have a course for you. Our extensive range of beautifully designed, easy-to-use courses cover subjects from safeguarding to goal setting.

Developed by experts, our interactive e-learning packages incorporate the latest behavioural science techniques to deliver real results. Discover the difference, and see your workforce flourish.

Personalised Training

Need a custom-built e-learning programme? Want personalised training that’s exclusive to your organisation? Or perhaps you prefer to use your own learning management system (LMS). No problem!

Whatever your business needs, our bespoke, interactive courses contain clever, customisable features for training that’s unique to your business. You can even choose from three simple, affordable LMS plans that can be branded with your company logo.

Innovative Development

We’ve grown our business through innovation. With a history of pioneering developments, we put ourselves in our learners’ shoes and use fresh thinking to create outstanding training that really works.

Our experience in cloud-based services, gaming and animation ensure your learning journey is engaging, interactive and fun. With our unique blend of ready-made and custom courses, innovative development and affordable learning management solutions, we’ve got your learning needs covered.

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Our brand story

Engage in Learning was the brainchild of Chris Horseman and Kim Whitmore. A former Vice President at Atari, Chris had seen for himself how effective training could make the difference between success and failure in business.

In 1988, Chris and Kim set up Xebec Interactive Learning, with the aim of pioneering effective learning through CD Rom technology. Nine years later, their innovative, award-winning courses were being translated into 15 languages and used by learners across 40 countries worldwide. Xebec had become the world leader in interactive learning, and was snapped up by US education giant McGraw-Hill for $15 million.

Two years later, in 2008, Chris and Kim decided to indulge their love of sailing, and took a year off to travel the world with their family. Having skippered two Atlantic crossings and chalked up 16,000 nautical miles, the couple realised their passion for creating innovative, interactive learning had never gone away.

By now, the online learning sector was developing fast, but there was room for improvement – the business world was crying out for flexible, easy-to-use, clever training that generated real results. In 2011, Chris and Kim decided to combine their expertise to develop and market a new range of innovative, interactive learning solutions – and Engage in Learning was born. We’ve now helped over 1,000 businesses – and close to one million learners – around the world to flourish by harnessing the power of effective and engaging eLearning.

Today, our multi-award-winning company employs a growing team of experienced staff and empowers businesses with the skills and knowledge they need to become more successful.